ISM Expert Reports

Assess and Track Student Performance

ISM’s carefully designed question sets and Singapore Math tests allow you to assess your students’ comprehension as they practice. You can easily access each student’s assessment report with the click of a button. You’ll find data on grade level proficiency, knowledge gaps and even progress toward mastery of Common Core State Standards.

Focus on Skills and Goals

ISM’s assessment rubric has been translated into clear, easy to use reports that help you assess student performance. Easy access to student activity logs will show you how much and what material your students have practiced and how they have performed. You can finally track which areas need improvement and set individualized goals custom-tailored for each student. See how iSingaporeMath works.

Math Intervention and Enrichment

ISM’s Singapore math practice suite and assessment reports are designed to give you the insight you need to improve student understanding. With ISM’s individual student reports, you can easily identify a student’s strengths and knowledge gaps and measure improvement. Our assessment reports will even show you the actual problems a student missed and their incorrect answer, giving you true insight into the source of misunderstanding. The earlier knowledge gaps are identified, the sooner they can be corrected, saving students, teachers and parents unnecessary stress and wasted time. A stitch in time saves nine!