Unlimited Practice



ISM’s Quizzes enable you to immediately understand what your students have learned within each unit. As they are working through the material, students are presented with quiz questions that provide immediate feedback for teachers on which topics students have mastered or where additional emphasis is required. ISM’s Quizzes can be done in-class, in computer lab or anywhere online access is available.



Take advantage of our unlimited drills to move your students from competency to mastery. Drills are designed to reinforce student knowledge through practice and repetition. Student performance on Drills is easily tracked, providing another opportunity for quick intervention, if required.


Math Sprints

Designed to be fun and to keep students motivated. Math Sprints take Drills to the next level. ISM’s unlimited Math Sprints are like Drills with the addition of a timer, creating an opportunity for educators to set up games. The timed element engages students through play, promotes a healthy competitive spirit and eases students into the idea of problem solving within a fixed time frame. Practicing Math Sprints is ideal preparation for future test taking.


Bar Modeling

Master the most powerful bar modeling visualization techniques. Your students will solve multi-step problems with ease and consistency every time. These bar modeling techniques empowered Singapore students to consistently score number one in the world. Now your students will also be able use these proven methods to get better grades in school, to score higher on tests and to gain confidence in their math abilities.

Gold Membership

• Placement Tests assess student readiness for grade level material
• Quizzes provide immediate feedback on student concept retention
• Drills offer unlimited practice for both unit and grade skills
• Math Sprints engage students with unlimited timed problem solving
• Unit and Grade Tests accurately reflect material covered in unit and grade
• Bar Modeling teaches solving multi-step word problems with ease

Platinum Membership

All of the benefits of Gold membership, plus
• Homework deliver targeted practice for all groups: on-level, enrichment and remedial
• Test Prep provide real life simulation for better performance on State exams
• Expert Reports help layout an action plan for each student