iSingapore Math is the Real Deal

Our suite of carefully designed problems were elaborated and tested in Singapore, consistently ranked as the world’s number one producer of top performing math students.
ISM’s online problem solving sets, Singapore math tests and student assessment tools were all developed by educators in Singapore, based on the curriculum approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education.
Benefitting from decades of exceptional commitment to improving and fine-tuning student comprehension of math, ISingaporeMath is not just any math, it’s the ultimate math machine.

Our Mission

Our mission at ISM is to empower your students to increase their Math skills to mastery using the best Math program in the world, Singapore Math.

We love Math. We want your students to love Math as much as we do. One of the biggest obstacles in learning to love Math is fear of Math and Math test taking. That’s why we created this Singapore Math practice and Test Prep site

We help students get better math scores on tests, do better in math at school and eliminate or reduce the fear of Math test taking. At the same time, we want to help teachers prepare students for state tests by providing test prep and reducing or eliminating students’ fear of state tests. We also want to give teachers better tools for assessing and evaluating students’ performance. Better practice, more practice, easy to access practice, 24 hrs/day.