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Your child is growing smarter.  Faster.  More curious and eager to learn more online.  That’s why interactive Homeschool Math Online lessons are designed to change and grow with your child in the 21st century.  Your children are engaged from the first moment they enter the Singapore Math Online lessons.  And, as a result, your children spend more time learning math, getting better grades and scoring higher on tests.   

Singapore Math Online Benefits

· Mastery of math concepts

· Positive attitude toward learning

· Focusing on 21st century problem solving skills

· Bringing the latest technology fromSingapore

· Engaging and customized instruction

· Achieving beyond grade level

· Improving grades in school

· Higher test scores

· Fun, Easy & Safe 24x7 Access

· Savings over tutoring 

The Singapore Homeschool Math Program uniquely benefits your child, because unlike other online math programs, it is a coherent and comprehensive tool, which is designed to teach your children mathematics both, in-classroom and after-school. 

Homeschool Math Program

The Singapore Math Program is a complete K-5 program in mathematics that teaches your child real math.  Rich multimedia, which is full of little friendly characters, engages your children’s thinking and gently asks for participation.  Your children will love the program, but won’t be playing meaningless games.  See Singapore Math Online Examples.

Your child’s little friends show, speak, give valuable clues and guide your child every step of the way.  These little characters make math “speak” to your child in a non-threatening, friendly way.  They become your children’s pals that consistently help and guide your children to math mastery.  As a result, Singapore Math Online helps your children to reduce math anxiety and makes learning math fun.  It makes your children want to learn and practice math every time.  The program also makes an ideal complement to the Singapore Math textbooks and workbooks.

The Singapore Math Program benefits your children with hundreds of interactive math lessons and practice exercises which were carefully prepared by the best and most experienced teachers in Singapore.  These experienced professionals used the latest math online e-learning techniques and 21st century technologies that are similar to those currently in use by the world’s #1 in math,Singapore.

This Homeschool Math Program is a system of teaching and learning mathematics, which was successfully proven to work in Singapore.  It focuses on the 21st century skills, which will prepare your children for high school math, college and better future.  The same learning management system is currently used by over 70% of schools inSingapore.  Your children will benefit from the same math lessons that propelled Singaporean children to the # 1 position in the world in mathematics.


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