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The Singapore Math Program helps your child achieve true math mastery without hiring private math tutor.  Singapore Math Online is a fun, yet comprehensive and proven K-5 program that teaches your child real mathematics.  Your children will learn the “whys” of math and then practice to ensure the lasting mastery of math concepts.  The Singapore Math Program features teaching and learning sequences with a progressive introduction of topics in an online learning environment.  This format is successfully employed in over 70% of schools in Singapore.

Benefits of Singapore Math Program

  • Semi-concrete to Pictorial to Abstract
  • Learning the “whys” of mathematics first
  • Learning one math concept at a time
  • Visualizing to solve problems mentally
  • Practicing to lasting mastery after knowing the “whys” of math
  • Uncovering and filling gaps with the comprehensive online assessments
  • Moving ahead with the pre- and post-topic quizzes
  • You don't have to hire expensive private math tutor for your kid

Singapore Math Program Content and Examples


Lessons – Your children will be introduced to every new topic with the famous Singapore Math semi-concrete to pictorial to abstract online learning sequence.  The semi-concrete environment lessons consist of the age-appropriate situations with vivid and colorful pictures.  Many lessons begin by asking your children to solve a problem and then visually explaining how to solve it correctly.

| Lesson Sample 1| Lesson  Sample  2 | Lesson Sample 3 |

Learning  Demo 1 | Lesson  Demo 2 | Lesson  Demo 3 |


These problems are called semi-concrete, because the pictures represent real objects, for example, crayons.  The pictorial stage may begin simultaneously, or at a later stage during the lesson, by representing these pictures with a quantitative measure, for example, a line segment.  Your children will learn to represent the problem and its solution with a number sentence.  The goal of the lesson is to teach your children to think in terms of numbers, which is the conceptual stage of the lesson.

You and your children can view and revisit each topic as often as needed to ensure complete comprehension and understanding of every math concept taught.  This takes place in the non-threatening, non-judgmental and comfortable environment of your own home, at any time without hiring expensive private math tutor.


Practice – Your children gain math confidence when given sufficient time to practice every new concept and skill.  Once your children learn a new math concept, they will have ample time to practice it to ensure lasting mastery.  Both advanced and struggling learners will benefit from practicing problems of various difficulties. 

| Assist Sample | Benchmark Sample | Challenge Sample | 

Differentiated practice exercises support struggling learners by assisting them to acquire new skills with more visual tools and guidance.  On-level learners benefit from the exercises that consolidate their level of understanding and move them to a higher level by practicing math to mastery.  Higher-ability students are challenged to solve non-routine questions, extend math concepts and solve problems that require even deeper understanding of mathematics.  Solving non-routine questions also builds the children’s confidence in their math abilities.

Word Problems and Bar Modeling

Word Problems and Bar Modeling – Your children will benefit from learning how to solve even the most challenging word problems.  Word problems are one of the most difficult topics in any elementary, middle and high school program in mathematics.  The goal is for your children to embrace the challenge and learn how to deal with a new challenge every time.  The ability to persevere is important not only in mathematics but also later in their adult life.  Many educators believe that if your children master solving word problems, then they will be successful in algebra, high school, SATs and college math.

| Bar Model Sample |

Your children will learn the most powerful bar modeling visualization techniques to enable them to solve multi-step word problems with ease and consistency every time.  Your children will benefit from learning and using now world-famous part-whole and comparison models that will enable them to solve a variety of different word problems.  These powerful techniques enabled Singaporean students to consistently score number 1 the world over the last two decades.  Now your children will also be able use these methods to gain confidence in their math abilities, to get better grades in school and to score higher on tests. 


Assessments – Your children’s knowledge and progress will be assessed and carefully monitored with the comprehensive pre- and post-topic assessments.  Your children will enjoy fun and interactive quizzes that are designed to test the knowledge after each topic, trimester and grade.  These comprehensive assessments help to uncover gaps in understanding and move your children ahead beyond their grade level.  Short quizzes will also be included as part of self-learning.   Individualized assignments will be given on a weekly basis to measure comprehension after a new concept has been taught and practiced.

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