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State and Common Core Test Prep

How do you ace a math test that covers State and Common Core material? The same way you prepare for every other test: practice as much as possible under similar conditions to the exam. ISM’s practice tests are aligned with State and Common Core Standards. Our online test prep mimics the actual exam which is administered by computer. Give your students the preparation and confidence they need to succeed on test day!


Improve Test Scores

Students who practice with ISM improve their test scores. In mathematics, practice really does make perfect. Students who engage in ISM’s online Singapore Math practice reinforce their math skills and simultaneously build test taking skills. A win, win for you and your students.


Better performance brings better rest

ISM’s Singapore Math online program is designed to assess your students’ performance as they learn with special recap modules that help pinpoint your students’ strengths and areas for improvement. Progress is tracked and saved for ease of access. Each step that your students take with ISM’s carefully designed progression of questions will deepen their understanding and will also go a long way towards reducing their math anxiety and their, and your, math related stress. Now the whole family can finally rest at night.