Bar modeling


Bar Modeling

Your students will learn the most powerful bar modeling visualization techniques to enable them to solve multi-step problems with ease and consistency every time. They will learn the world-famous part-whole and comparison models that will enable them to solve a variety of different word problems.

These powerful bar modeling techniques enabled Singaporean students to consistently score number one in the world over the last two decades. Now your students will also be able use these methods to gain confidence in their math abilities, to get better grades in school and to score higher on tests.

With model drawing, your students will learn how to solve even the most challenging word problems. Word problems are one of the most difficult topics in any elementary, middle and high school programs in mathematics.

The goal is for your students to embrace the challenge and learn how to deal with a new challenge every time. The ability to persevere is important not only in mathematics but also later in their adult life. Many educators believe that if your children master solving word problems, then they will be successful in algebra, high school, SATs and college math.